Terms & Conditions

We want to just take this time out to make bands, promoters and venues that choose to work with us aware of what we ask for from our events:


Any venues that we work with for our events have to understand our event in full before they agree to take our shows.

If you approach us for an event, we are allowed to cancel within 8 weeks without future bookings of the venue been compromised.

If, for any reason, the venue should cancel, we will be forced to charge the venue for any promotional fees that we have acquired during the promotional period (10 weeks prior to the event).

If for any reason promotional materials or contracts are failed to be sent before announcements or before the 10 week promotional period then we have the right to cancel without any notice.


Any band that agrees to work with us, has to agree to the date booked and if for any reason the band are headline and cancel, they will be charged promotional fees that we have acquired in the promotional period. A notice of 6 weeks must be given before the event, so that no fees will be charged.

For all our events, bands must agree to bring equipment prior to the show, any band that does not provide any of the back line at all CAN be removed without warning so that the other bands are able to play.

Bands that are late for our events may be forced to be kicked off the bill without payment, every band will be given/arranged a time to arrive at the venue. if this cannot be met we require some notice so that we can work around this for you.


Sometimes promoters and booking agents that we work with may not get a reply over email, we try to email everyone but sometimes emails can get lost or become outdated.

Lastly, for everyone, FACEBOOK is the last place we arrange bookings, if you are not getting through to our email, we have our hotmail as a last point of contact, you can message us on facebook/wall to check our emails, but we do not like, or feel it professional to arrange bookings through any social media including Facebook and Twitter. On a rare occasion we may use linkedIN but we do not check this often.